Search Denver’s MLS Database

Are you looking for Denver’s top real estate agent to help you buy your first home? Get step-by-step guidance through the home buying process from Anne Collins Homes. With Anne Collins Homes, you can search Denver’s MLS database and create a customized home search on any device. Search for the home that will fit you and your family’s needs, and be home today and tomorrow.

Qualifying for the Perfect Property – Mortgage Loan Qualification

Today’s mortgage loan qualification guidelines and requirements have become stricter than ever before. We are connected with the best mortgage lending professionals that have proven track records of success.

Being Home – Today & Tomorrow – Resale Opportunity

We strive to find the best property for you, with resale value in mind, in the event you wish to, need to, or choose to sell your home at some point in the future.

Reviewing the Home – Inspections and Repairs

Additional negotiations may be required after you’re under contract on your home, normally as the result of our home inspections. Inspections, of course, may reveal defects, possible health and safety issues, as well as needed repairs.

Obtaining Title Insurance

Review title insurance to assure that you have merchantable title, free of defects. We always recommend obtaining the upgraded “Owner’s Extended Coverage” title insurance.

Contracting to Closing

From the date of offer to the date of close, there are many deadlines in the Contract to Buy and Sell Real Estate. This is where our expertise kicks in, and your experience becomes stress-free. Anne Collins Homes keeps the myriad of tasks, documents and deadlines involved in any real estate transaction coordinated and on-track.